I am trying to knit a shawl for my Mother. She would love a nice lacey one like Icarus but I admit that is just beyond my skill level I just can’t seem to manage lace. Textured knitting sure.. simple lace patterns sure.. but not that!

So I have tried a few patterns and I just bought one that I thought would work for me.. and started it last night. Well.. It’s just THE WORST PATTERN WRITTEN EVER! I sat there and worked through the first 5 rows no problem.. they are set up rows.. and then the lacey section started. WELL it was totally unclear what to do. It switched from the written out instructions to the pattern stitch instructions.. did not tell how many times to repeat the pattern stitch, and was just generally so vague I gave up! I even had Ashley look at it and she agreed. I can generally follow patterns, I am an intellegent person.. I can even follow vague patterns to a degree but this one took the cake! And the worst thing is I PAID for it! So I am going back to some of the free patterns I have dug through to try again! I think I will end up with the Strawberry  pie shawl.. or the Flower petal shawl.. simple easy.. the strawberry pie shawl is still on the vague side but with enough good information that someone can work it out!
I really really just want to get this done for my Mommy!!!! You know! She worked hard, she put up with me.. she deserves something pretty! So hey any suggestions throw them my way. It is a DK weight yarn I am working with it’s a little bit textured.. so a fancy lace won’t work.. something simple but pretty!!! HALP!

Killer headache at two o’clock captain!!

Well my day started out well enough. A nice Mother’s day pot of coffee and a pair of hanging baskets with flowers in them for my present. Hey .. I even got a shower! Poor Jaxom was sick.. he came downstairs and fell asleep on the couch with his brothers and sisters zooming around him. So he needed his Mommy!!.

It was all good. Then after church I got hit with a killer headache. Ouch!

Oh well. Isela sent me a nice Mother’s Day e-card.. I myself didn’t even get to talk to my Mother.. either one..hehe one of these days I have to lay out my soap opera tale of two mothers here. I tried.. I called my Mom yesterday… they are staying at my Aunt’s house in NJ, will be back here tomorrow for a week long stay.. and I tried to call my Mother today but only got the answering machine.. bad luck! I might be in double trouble!! eek.

Well off to try to sleep off the rest of this headache.. I might just take some of the good stuff to kill it outright! I’ll try to get pictures of my pretty flowers, and the finished ballet T later on!

Hope all you mothers out there had a great Mother’sDay!

Necessity is the mother of invention!

Well Becky pointed out that I had something strange on the side of my sock knitting loom that the doll is on.
She’s right. Anyone who has gotten a Deccor Accents loom knows that they come sans tack..or peg to wrap your yarn end on as you knit off your rows. So I invented a bit of a yarn tensioner.
It took a small wood screw and a pony bead to make it. The wood screw was just long enough to go through the pony bead and give it enough room to go into the loom securely. So I poked the screw through the pony bead, and then into the loom till there was a little room between the pony bead and the loom. Then I can wrap the yarn around the screw between the pony bead and the loom and it will tighten up and hold it nice and snug!

I was watching the Hallmark hall of fame movie last night and the main charecter found a beautiful wood yarn winder in the old family dugout!! And what did her husband do with it??? He BURNED it!! MEN!! What was he thinking? Unbelievable! At least he didn’t get to the spinning wheel that was in the basement! I would have been jumping off the couch at him!

Speaking of yarn winders.. Now for another one of my little inventions!! Who wants to spend big bucks on a yarn swift? ME.. but I don’t have it! Not if I want some skeins of yarn to put on it that is! So I was trying my darndest to use my WONDERFUL yarn ball winder that I got from my birth Mother for Christmas and failing miserably! The yarn was getting tangled, the baby was getting into it, and I was STRESSED! I had to do something! I had to get the job done! But what could I do! Well my brain went into over time, I scanned Ebay but the swifts are few and far between, expensive and the bidding is furious! So that was a wash!
Then my eyes fell upon the objects in the house. What could I use? The back of a chair? NO. The legs of the chair? NO. What could I use.. Then I saw it! The holy grail! The object that would save me from my stress! A computer chair! Look at those spinning legs thought I. They look like they could work.
But what about the wheels? The yarn wouldn’t go round them, it got tangled in the. So I lost the wheels. Now what? I would have to find something to do for pegs! I didn’t have any dowels that we thick enough to fit in the holes left by the wheel pegs. UGH!
Then again my eyes fell upon the object of my desire! I spotted a crayola marker lying on the floor! Eureka! I grabbed it and it was a perfect fit!
So I got to work!

The emergency swift!

And hey it’s adjustable too! The markers fit nicely into the triangular spaces in the legs so I can adjust it to work with skeins of different sizes! So I got all my handspun Christmas wool wound into balls and my Cascade 220 from LittleKnits wound up! And that bulky yarn I used for the sweater! It was awsome. The turning chair legs provided the perfect amount of tension for the ball winder!

The results!