Tip me over and…

Caleb: I have sand in my pocket..

Me: oh really?

Caleb: Yep, I have sand in my other pocket too!

Me: oh dear!

Caleb: Someone should flip me over and let the sand fall out!

my cute boy caleb!

2 thoughts on “Tip me over and…

  1. What a great way to sneak in a hug or kiss! He’s a cutie. Suppose your not supposed to say that about little boys — but he is!

    Great couple of days here. Our historic site held a two day event on the Studebaker Massacres that occurred here during the French and Indian War. Amazing what history is in our own “backyards.” Excellent event with interesting speakers and bus tour but boy and I beat! As much as I like doing textile demonstrations was fun to simply be able to enjoy the program.

    Latest acquisition at the site is an antique skein winder. Don’t have a date or even a picture to share right now.

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