How-To’s Day:How to tell the temperature without looking a the thermometer..

howtosday-icon.jpgSimply look at Denise’s computer and see if she has internet access. If she does not then it is 80 degrees outside. If she does then it is less than 80. It’s sort of like those old weather rocks they used to sell in souvenier shops..

A dry rock means fair weather.
A wet rock means it’s raining.
A dusty rock means a dust storm.
A swaying rock means it’s windy.
A shadow under the rock means it’s sunny.
A white rock means it’s snowing.
If the rock is jumping up and down, an earthquake is upon us.
If the rock is under water there’s a flood.

So we will resume regular posting after the current heat wave passes.. or some time on Friday between 10 and noon when then cable repair person shows up! If you email me between now and then please be patient for a reply, I am rationoned to exactly two minutes a few times a day on our handy dandy Verizon wireless internet card that has kept Brian in business this week! My two minutes are up! See ya later!


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