The Latest and Greatest in Loom Knitting!!!

Here it is.. I have known this was coming out for a while.. Isela hinted at it a while back, and then I dragged it out of her!

 Learn to Knit Cables on Circle Looms

Looking forward to getting it.. That afghan on the cover is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Looks like it is not quite available yet.. but Annie’s Attic has it up on their site here. So you can keep an eye on it!

Congrats Isela!!!!

And for those of you who are avoiding the Black Friday shopping frenzy.. I found a new site to check out.. The Apronista!

pop on over they are having a great little givaway!

Oh.. and check out the lightning deals on my Amazon widget there on the left sidebar! I have seen a few sweet deals pop up there today! They change hourly!!

3 thoughts on “The Latest and Greatest in Loom Knitting!!!

  1. That book looks interesting. I have one of those knitting looms that was given to my by my hubbys grandma. It was her mother’s. It looks like a lot of fun, however I need to find some directions and just give it a try. Maybe it’s some thing I can teach my little ones to knit on? Anyhow, I’ve been blog stocking you for months now, so I guess it’s time to leave a comment. I love your projects they are always so cute!!!

  2. Oh wow, Isela sure is proficient! I can’t believe she didn’t mention the book on her site! : )

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