Nearly Finished Friday!

I should be able to finish these up tonight! Which is good, I need to show them off on Tuesday.. and then sell them on Sunday!

Koolhaas Mittens

I restarted on Brian’s Sweater! It is slow going I need to get through one repeat of the cables and then I will have a solid picture of what I am doing so it will get easier!

Brr.. my poor antenna fob is freezing!

And with this weather he will need it soon!

4 thoughts on “Nearly Finished Friday!

  1. Beautiful mittens! Love the pattern as well as the color. I just started a sweater for myself in the same color.

    Looks like you were clobbered this week too with a blast of white. We had about 5 inches — perfect knitting weather!

    The cashmere vest I’ve been working on is coming along nicely. Back is finished and I’ve started on the front. The pattern is a simple 15 stitch repeat along each side of the front. It it is the first garmet I’ve made with a more detailed pattern so I’m taking my time with it. After years of knitting very simple patterns am entering the world of more complicated things. It’s fun!

    Enjoy the snow and thanks for the pics. Gorgeous mittens that will keep someone nice and warm.

  2. Wow – knitting with needles! Lovely mittens. Are you selling the pattern? Just the mittens? Details. Details. We want details. They look heavenly with all the snow. Some lucky person is going to be wearing those winter white mittens.

  3. Okay you probably know I’m a bit behind in reading blog posts but I just had to screeeeech to a stop when I saw your mittens! WoW! Beautiful Denise! I love them!

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