Not So Finished Friday!

I would love to show you all a nice photo of a finished sweater.. in fact I have had the parts done for a while now, but the weather has been so rainy there hasn’t been a good time to block it! I like to block my pieces on the back porch so they don’t get bothered by any pets, and don’t bother any people!

So here are the parts..

The sweater is Sanpoku  a pattern by Norah Gaughan available from Berroco! I am using KnitPicks Wool of the Andes in a pretty blue. I am hoping it will be a nice throw on sweater when summer evenings are cool!

oh.. what are those little white creatures you ask?

Those are two of a set of stitch markers made for me by my dear friends, Debs and Errol! The one with the glasses is Errol!

They are chibi Totoros from My Neighbor Totoro the movie!

See Debs and Errol I do use them!! It’s always fun when a knitter knits you a gift, and these are treasured!


For Easter I sported a new knitted top that I LOVE!! Francisca is a pattern by Christopher Croucher and is a nice flutter sleeve lace weight top!

So comfortable!!! I made it up with one of my favorite yarn brands Briar Rose their Angel Face lace weight which fits it’s name to a T! 100% alpaca soft and warm but not too warm for a nice spring to summer top!

Despite being lace weight.. you double the yarn.. it was a quick and easy knit, and I highly recommend it! you can find the pattern here, or on Ravelry!

I will have to pop up a beauty shot later! The weather was not cooperating for a good one.

You also get a sneak peek at part of my new work space! All my knitting and crafting books in one place! and a great spot for my knitting ‘models’ Hattie and Sugar!

All with my muse Eleanor close at hand!!

A Blanket Update!!

Rather than saying ‘what have I been knitting lately?”.. anyway.

I am working on using up my leftover worsted weight yarns and making what we are calling an Iggy 2.0 blanket. you will recall I made this one last year

and my friends’ wife loved it so much she wanted one of her very own!

So I have a bucket of squares…

in more feminine type colors this time. They are awaiting the arrival of the yarn for the borders which is a nice dark eggplant purple.

In the meantime I am fiddling with some other ‘secret’ projects, and knitting up a second sleeve for a sweater.

I’ll pop in later to show you my Easter top that I knitted, and my new workspace!! It’s exciting!!

Have a great day!!

The Striped Shawl

So I showed this striped shawl the other day.. that was one of my commissioned pieces!
I made it for Authentic Knitting Board to be included in one of their kits.. you can find it here: Harvest Lace Shawl Pattern Kit

The pattern is there for download as well. I liked it so much I will make another one.. which is going to be a prayer shawl! One of these days I will also make one for myself!

That shelf is part of my new crafty work area.. I am awaiting the big piece to finish putting it all together! I pre- ordered a Workbox 3.0!! I can’t wait to have it set up completely and have a lot of my stuff organized in one place! This little shelf is a good start. Now I finally have all my knitting books and magazines together!