Bookish? Thursday: How Elizabeth Zimmerman helped me get my laundry done

You can only ignore your laundry so long.. Then the piles start to attack! The kids start running around the house naked. and you can’t find something decent to wear.


Just when will the invent self cleaning laundry?

Enter.. Elizabeth Zimmerman.

Yes.. Elizabeth Zimmerman. See she must have foreseen that I would need something to do whilst endlessly folding load upon load of laundry.. the part I really hate! (especially the matching of the socks!)

So she and her daughter taped this really great series of shows about knitting. One of the benefits of being in my knitting guild is that they have an extensive library of these videos. So I borrowed some, and off I went folding away as I watched. On occasion causing my husband to run in from the next room when he heard me exclaim, WOOOOOWWW, or GENIUS, to see just what I was going on about.

Needless to say, my laundry is nearly done, and the knitting lobe of my brain has grown at least two sizes.. and I have only watched 5 of the tapes!

If you have the opportunity to borrow or obtain these videos I highly recommend them. They are much likeher books intermingled with little bits of life and fun as Elizabeth and Meg, and various others interact. Not left out are the cats and the camera man who interjects when they are checking their math on occasion!

All in all the videos manage to keep me from running out of the room screaming when the laundry attacks.


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