5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday:NOOOOOO!!!! Say it isn’t so!!

  1. Thats what ya get when you marry someone over a foot taller then you!

  2. I take it this is one of your kiddos.(?) I’m actually hoping for this someday. I’m a shorty and hubby is only about an inch taller than me. I want my boys to get nice and tall so they can reach all the things on the top shelves ;-D

  3. Don’t feel bad – my daughter is only 10, and is nearly as tall as me, and her feet are nearly as big – I wear a ladies’ size 6, and she wears a 5! I’m only a measly 5 foot tall – being short stinks! I’m hoping my daughter ends at least a little taller than me by the time she stops growing.

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