cough update cough..

Isela pointed out to me this morning that I hadn’t given anyone a real update about how I was feeling. It seems everyone else is pretty much bouncing back to normal, but I just can’t shake the cough. But I am playing with yarn!


I have been rather unmotivated lately and haven’t been knitting much. I think I just need to actually FINISH something. So I am trying out this (hopefully) super fast hat idea I have.

I also picked this up this weekend.


I have been looking for a cane chair with a broken seat for a while now (just ask my mother!) It is the main part of a long lived and half baked idea I have been waiting to try. No.. not caning! I plan to knit a seat for this baby! Knit it right on the chair!

Any ideas on fiber choices?

I popped my blanket square into the mail!  Hope we get a response and Knitty Gritty gets a little respect again!!

3 thoughts on “cough update cough..

  1. I certainly hope you get over that cough soon! (Around here people were having it for 3-4 months :/)

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