A Little on the Boring Side..

What’s a girl to do on a Saturday? Sigh.. boring stuff I fear.. Well mostly boring.. but necessary!  Gladly my desk is now clutter free due to a long overdue trip to Staples for a corkboard and some wall pockets for the kids to put their school papers in!

Now I I could only unhinge my stapler I would be able to staple up some little pockets on my corkboard to put some other things up there..

Now the day was not entirely without fun!

I bought some fun knee socks!


Found just the right boots I have been looking for..


And got a Saturday sky shot!


Can you see the blimp?

Tune in tomorrow at 5:30 EST for another episode of Knitting 911! I will be on for a half an hour so stop by and give me a call.. you can get there by clicking on the my profile link in the Blog Talk Radio widget on the sidebar! Hope to see you there!

4 thoughts on “A Little on the Boring Side..

  1. Great socks! Those really take me back – I had a pair just like when I was in elementary school! Now the boots – I would totally hurt myself trying to walk in a heel that tall and thin! I’m a total klutz when it comes to really high heeled boots or shoes! I work in downtown Cleveland and see the blimp every now and then from my office window – wonder where it’s headed?

  2. Love the boots!

    You know, the other day you mentioned being in a rut and asked what motivates us. Well, one thing I’ve discovered that helps get me on back on track is getting organized and putting things in order. Love that Mission Organization show. And, what would life be with those wet and dry wipes!!

    How’s the crocheting going? With my little great nephew’s arrival approaching (April 8 but who’s counting!) I’ve had baby patterns on my brain. Have had one blanket finished for some time but really struggled with a second one and finally decided it was the yarn. Don’t you just hate that!! After several attemps at a couple new knitted patterns turned to an old, reliable one (basketweave) and the blanket it coming along nicely.

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  3. We should arrange a 100 meter dash between you and Isela and you would each be required to wear your snazzy boots and balance an egg on a spoon…

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