How SWTC and Cat Bordhi made my morning dig more pleasant!

There once was a knitter who made some felted slippers  designed by Cat Bordhi with some Southwest Trading Company Karaoke yarn…


And she was happy!

Then one got a hole it it and she was sad.

Then one cold March day her husband went on a business trip to nice warm Texas, and the next morning when she woke up it started to snow..


And snow..


and snow, until the snow was almost up to her knees!


So the knitter, not having any tall boots of her own (except those sexy ones with stiletto heels) went to borrow her son’s boots so she could start shoveling the driveway, so she could possibly have the job done by the time her husband needed to be picked up from the airport (4 days later..)

But one of her son’s boots was missing its liner! “Grr, Argh” and “Shoot!”, said the knitter! “What will I do?!”  “My poor foot will freeze in this boot!”

Then she thought and thought.. and she remembered the nice felted slipper she had made and she went and fetched it. It was just right!


And so the knitter went off and did some shoveling..


Will she get the shoveling done in time to get her husband from the airport, in for days time at noon??? Time will tell.. we shall see…pretty soon!

6 thoughts on “How SWTC and Cat Bordhi made my morning dig more pleasant!

  1. Wait a minute, you live in NE Ohio and don’t own a pair of winter boots??!! I went to work yesterday wearing a fleece top with a tank top underneath, jeans with thermal pants underneath, two pairs of socks, my shearling lined boots, a heavy winter coat, earmuffs, hood, scarf, and gloves, LOL! But you know, after getting out of work early, and spending an hour a half outside waiting for a bus, and another hour riding home on a barely heated bus (normally 20-25 minute ride), and 10 minutes walking home from the bus stop, I was STILL numb from head to toe by the time I got home.

    Bang, bang, bang (that’s the sound of me hitting my head on the wall asking myself WHY I live in Cleveland, LOL!

  2. Seriously – one of the cutest and funniest posts I’ve read on a blog in a long time. Kudos to you! And here’s hoping you stay very, very warm.

  3. Oh My! In true California fashion, I’m complaining about the weather (allergy issues) when most of the Northern Hemisphere is still experiencing Winter like we’ve never seen. (okay I wasn’t completely forthcoming, I’m recovering from the worst sinus infection I’ve ever had) Still, I think I’d rather deal with that then shoveling all that snow! Wishing you a speedy arrival of Spring! 🙂

  4. Ha-ha. Snow is almost gone here. Naner-naner-naner! Er, I mean “Poor, poor Denise. Good thing you had those beautiful slippers!” :o)

  5. Oh, boy… I don’t miss all that snow.

    I gotta tell you though, I miss Ohio!! I like it here but Ohio will always be my home (I don’t have that home feeling here.)

    Dora Renee’ Wilkerson

    Spring is on it way soon! I am sending you warm thoughts and soon some warm weather (without

    Take care!

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