One hit wonder?

Well it seems that my little green hat was a hit!

DMLBabyHatDesignView1 DMLBabyHatDesignView2

It won the design contest that I entered it in! I will have more details when I know more!

Hopefully.. I will NOT be a one hit wonder!

10 thoughts on “One hit wonder?

  1. Good going Denise! You are definitely not a “one hit wonder” this is just leading to bigger and brighter things! You Go Girl!

  2. Denise –
    Nice work. Wallow in your accomplishment, and plan for more.
    So, about the earflaps…below the band over the ears, but tucked between the hat and band when not in use? Make sense? How did you do that????
    At first blush, I thought you’d knit the world’s smallest hat. It looks purched on a thumb! LOL

  3. Congratulations! And I love the model ;o) Is it a vase? The hat is faboo! (you love these quirky words, doncha?)

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