Twist Collective..resistance is futile…

WOOSH.. if you haven’t seen the newest online knitting magazine then hop on over to the twist collective. Cat Bordhi gave us a little sneak peek and a few hints on her pattern during the class I took with her at Knitter’s Connection.

Between the patterns, articles and website design I don’t know what to praise first! It is all pretty spectacular! I have to say I am impressed..

And darn that Cat Bordhi.. just when I was over socks… she makes me want to knit them again.. this is the corialis effect squared!

Must finish my county fair project first.. must must resist….

Resistance is futile… sigh…

3 thoughts on “Twist Collective..resistance is futile…

  1. That twist collective is really neat. I downloaded the houdini sock pattern. How neat is this. I have wasted an entire evening that I could have been looming-shame on you.:-)
    Good link.

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