How To’s Day: How to get yourself a Gift Card!

howtosday-icon-thumb Perhaps I am really trying to avert your attention from the fact that I don’t have a REAL How to’s day post.. But hey I was sick yesterday and used today to make up time so I didn’t have much time to take pretty photos and write up the how to that was in my head.. so instead a How To’s Day contest!!

So here is that you need to do:

  • Think about the How To’s Day posts and tutorials I have done in the past.
  • Decide which one is your favourite
  • Post a comment telling me which one it is!

Now, if you are new to this blog you can always look through the How To’s Day posts and decide which one is your favourite!

Now, to get some extra entries it’s easy there are two ways!!

  1. Link to this contest on your blog and you will get one extra entry.. just be sure to come back here and leave a comment with a link to your entry!
  2. Blog about your favourite How To’s Day post and how it helped you, and post a link to that How To’s Day post in your own post!! And again, be sure to come back and comment with the link of your own blog post!! This will earn you 2 extra entries!!

Now you are saying to yourself well hey, what is the PRIZE!!!??

gift cart 

$25.00 gift card for Jo-ann’s Fabrics!

So, you have a week! I will choose the winner next How to’s Day!! Good luck!!

13 thoughts on “How To’s Day: How to get yourself a Gift Card!

  1. i absolutely love the computer chair swifter – i’m sitting on a computer chair that just like the one in the photo right now! i’m going to check it out. thanks for the tut!

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  3. The How to Make me laugh…. Brought back memories of funny things my daughter said around the same time. It’s not yarn related, but it sure made my afternoon!

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