Move over Knitting Ninja!

WAY back I showed you an online comic that featured me as the Knitting Ninja.. wielding knitting needles rather than nunchucks off I went into adventure.. Well now there is a new.. REAL.. comic in town:


Coming soon to a knitting shop near you is Handknit Heroes. I was a lucky duck and got an advanced copy! It’s not bad! Not bad at all..  the story line looks promising and every issue will have a knitting pattern included for an item featured in the comic. This issue has a hooded scarf with pockets worn by the lead character, Ana.


The publishers of Handknit Heros are looking for submissions for future designs and also planning a contest for knitters to design a mask for Ana.  A hero has to keep her identity secret eh?

I look forward to getting more issues of Handknit Heros and seeing where it goes!

Congrats to Stephanie Bryant and the crew on this great new venture!!

7 thoughts on “Move over Knitting Ninja!

  1. My son is in school for this stuff so we just went to the bookstore to get him some class stuff. I didn’t know how big this is getting. Two whole rows at books-a-million and rows of this at Barnes and Nobles. Where have I been? This looks so cool. I used to really be into comics (in the 60’s) so now you know how old I am. I still read the comics in the paper every day. Tell us when this comes out please. I will tell my son of this.

  2. Can I get those shoes my sister. I need them like yesterday. they are gorgeous:)

  3. Okay, I’ve died and gone to heaven; combining comics and knitting, my two most favorite things( I gave up chocolate when I started knitting,way too messy) in the universe,other than my hubby and the horde(kids and grandkids). Congratulations to the creators. Would love to talk to them and get the story behind this idea. Feel free to give them my email Denise if you don’t mind. This made my day!

  4. Thanks for the shout-out! I’ll have to check out your Knitting Ninja alter ego!

    Tell Deb to drop me a line via the contact form, or find me on ravelry– I’m mortaine over there and almost everywhere else, too.

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