Move over Knitting Ninja!

WAY back I showed you an online comic that featured me as the Knitting Ninja.. wielding knitting needles rather than nunchucks off I went into adventure.. Well now there is a new.. REAL.. comic in town:


Coming soon to a knitting shop near you is Handknit Heroes. I was a lucky duck and got an advanced copy! It’s not bad! Not bad at all..  the story line looks promising and every issue will have a knitting pattern included for an item featured in the comic. This issue has a hooded scarf with pockets worn by the lead character, Ana.


The publishers of Handknit Heros are looking for submissions for future designs and also planning a contest for knitters to design a mask for Ana.  A hero has to keep her identity secret eh?

I look forward to getting more issues of Handknit Heros and seeing where it goes!

Congrats to Stephanie Bryant and the crew on this great new venture!!

Blog 365! And a contest!

WOW! I cannot believe that this year is almost over, can you? The observant among you will have noticed the Blog 365 badge on my sidebar..I joined Blog 365 at the beginning of the year, and thought it would be a daunting challenge!

It was!

It is difficult to come up with a blog post EVERY day. Some days I sure didn’t feel like it that’s for sure, but I set a goal for myself and I am two days away from  accomplishing it! I didn’t even take the 29th of February off so 366!

I can tell you this.. I will not be doing it next year.. at least not on purpose.. I would like to spend a bit more time mulling things over.. and posting some more ‘quality’ rather than ‘quantity’.

Don’t get me wrong it’s been fun, I enjoy sharing with you! I do need a little break though!

So hey to celebrate this let’s have a little contest!!

Think back over the year and tell me which one post stands out as your favourite..

Leave me a comment  about your favourite post and I will enter you into a drawing…

Post about  and link to your favourite post on your own blog, you get an extra entry! (Just be sure to come back and leave another comment with the link to your post in it!)

The prize?? hmm… lets see.. I have a few nice fibery treats.. so  I will pick a couple of winners! So get those comments flying!! Good luck!