Bookish Thursday! It’s HERE!!!!!

Afghans & Bed Runners for Knitting Looms

I am excited to say that my third book is now available at!! You can get it in both paper, and e-reader format!! There is still time to whip up a blanket for Christmas.. if you are fast.. or this is a great gift for the loom knitter in your life!!

A peek inside..

Afghans & Bed Runners for Knitting Looms

Afghans & Bed Runners for Knitting Looms














Afghans & Bed Runners for Knitting Looms


Afghans & Bed Runners for Knitting Looms















I cannot thank my helpful sample knitters enough!! Dee, Staci, Wendy, Jenny, Nancy, Jen and Susie!! And thanks to my family for putting up with me!  And thanks to Keith for encouragement!!

A Great Project and How You can Help!


I was recently contacted BY Andrea . Her mother had given her a challenge to make 21 hats for charity by October. So she started knitting. Loom knitting that is!

She chose the Honeycomb Hat pattern from my site and went to town!

       photo (1) photo (1) photo (1)

Just   she emailed me and let me know that she had already reached the goal of 21 hats! In fact she has recently hit hat # 34.   Here it is..


She is wondering how many more she can get done by the October deadline. At this rate who knows?

Well. It seems to me all these hats need some scarves to go with them, or mittens!

So here is my challenge to you: knit a scarf or mittens to donate to be sent with the hats. Send me a comment, and I will be glad to give you the mailing address where you can send the items so that  and her mom can add them to the care packages they are sending out.

Come on! If Andrea can knit that many hats.. then hey if each of us sends her a scarf she can match them up and double the gift she is sending!!

Fun Friday! Since Nothing is Finished!

I got a package today from Australia!!!


My bling ring arrived! A little giftie from Denise Litchfield for  my participation in the Stitching Up the NGA project!

There are more photos being added daily on the National Gallery of Australia’s flickr account! You should check them out!

Also.. in case you have been sitting around wondering just why I needed a drill or a knitting project, here is the work in progress:


Don’t try this at home kids! It’s tough, slow tedious knitting! But I hope in the end it will be worth it. (and usable for that matter!)

A Funny Thing Happened on the way to.. oh Forget it, it Lasted all Day!

Saturday was A Knitter’s Fantasy. It is a local annual event with knitting classes, a fashion show and market.. as well as a swell swap table!

I taught two classes. In the morning I taught learn to knit on looms, and in the afternoon I taught learn to knit on knitting boards.

Well on Thursday I had arranged to meet a few of my knitting peeps at a local strip mall at 7am so I could ride with them. Saturday morning came and I woke up at 7:10!! I quickly found my phone and called them and they said not to worry they would pick me up because I was on the way.. I had 10 minutes to get ready..

Fortunately I had everything packed up and ready to roll. Brian had picked up some nice breakfast buns and some Mountain Dew the night before.. and he even made me some coffee! After switching shirts and shoes twice( I won’t tell you what I stepped in..) barely brushing my hair and consulting them with directions twice we were on our way..

After getting slightly lost (nothing we couldn’t handle) on the way we arrived! At the registration table.. they couldn’t find my one teaching packet! Yikes! They looked through the box twice and then suddenly after just looking the booklet over and figuring out where my classes were, the thing appeared in the box!

I then figured out that my first class was at 9 when I had signed up for 9:30.. oh well. I was a little late. The class went well and at lunch I went to the market.. after all they gave us some ‘funny money’ as a reward for teaching the classes..

In the market I ran into my old boss and an old co worker who had come out from PA to check this thing out! It was nice to see them! (Hi Toni and Marge!)

I also got myself this:


So in the end though some odd things happened it all turned out well!