How To’s Day: How to Find a Yarn Shop on Vacation!


It’s been a while since I have done a How To’s Day and so let’s get back into it! In a week and a half I will be going out to Texas to attend my brother’s graduation. We will have a little free time while we are there so I figured that we could do a little yarn crawl.. so I set about searching for what was in the area.

It was slow going till I found a terrific website called Knitmap! It’s like Google maps but specifically for finding yarn and craft related places!


Simply enter in the city and state that you are going to and if you have other specifications.. like if you want stores with wi fi, or spinning supplies etc, and off you go!

It will bring up a map with the locations pinpointed, and when you click on them it will show you a summary of details about the shop! Like this:


You can even access it on your iPhone or iPod Touch if you have one! Just enter and you will be there!

For those of you who are not the electronically inclined.. there is a yarn shop guide printed annually. The Fiber Mania,2009-2010, a Travel Guide for People Who Do Things with String is a guide of shops and guilds all related to the fiber arts across the country! Since it is updated annually so it should have pretty much the most recent info. In a compact size you can throw it in your car, or suitcase and off you go!


With summer vacations coming up planning some yarn shop time while you travel isn’t such a bad idea.. is it. you know in case of emergency and all…

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3 thoughts on “How To’s Day: How to Find a Yarn Shop on Vacation!

  1. Knitmap is pretty good. However, check out the info really carefully (look the store up on the web or call them) so you won’t be disappointed if you get to the address and find that the shop closed a year ago. I went thru the list of shops near my home and found four that are now closed (one closed over three years ago) and one that moved about a year ago.

  2. Very cute creations. I am going to try to find this travel guide. They were selling it on Amazon.

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