Fun Friday! Since Nothing is Finished!

I got a package today from Australia!!!


My bling ring arrived! A little giftie from Denise Litchfield for  my participation in the Stitching Up the NGA project!

There are more photos being added daily on the National Gallery of Australia’s flickr account! You should check them out!

Also.. in case you have been sitting around wondering just why I needed a drill or a knitting project, here is the work in progress:


Don’t try this at home kids! It’s tough, slow tedious knitting! But I hope in the end it will be worth it. (and usable for that matter!)

2 thoughts on “Fun Friday! Since Nothing is Finished!

  1. All I can say is WOW that is some project you’ve gotten into. I’m guessing you aren’t using acrylic yarn???

  2. That reminds me of chair caning, which some people taught me at rhinebeck a couple of years ago, totally fascinating. Can’t wait to see your FO

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