All the things I HAVEN’T been blogging about.. look out!

Well you may have noticed I haven’t been blogging much lately. It’s mainly because I have been crazy busy, and partly because some of it had to wait for one reason and another. So here is the skinny.. details to come later..

  1. We finished up our school year. 3/4 of the kids finished their year’s worth of curriculum and the strangler was expected.
  2. We were treated to a family trip to Disney World courtesy of my birthparents 10 year wedding anniversary! Thanks guys!!
  3. On the trip we encountered two very different bears.
  4. All 13 of us who converged on Disney came down with a nasty stomach flu.
  5. The day after we got back Vacation Bible School started at church.
  6. I missed the first 2 days and other members of the family didn’t even make it. See reason #4.
  7. I cut my finger, and was unable to knit for about a week, so I picked up some sewing.
  8. I had my 40th birthday..
  9. We spent my birthday downgrading me to my old cell phone and figuring out just how poor we needed to be to get the kids on Medicaid because,
  10. We are now adding to the dismal unemployment statistics in Ohio.
  11. While item #10 leaves me shaking in my boots, my husband  is optimistic.
  12. I just burnt the pancakes while blogging. Leaving us with the burning question of.. will she ever learn that blogging/tweeting/bloglines/facebook/Im’ing and cooking don’t mix?
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A stay at home mom of four, who homeschools, changes a lot of diapers.. minds the dog and in her spare time knits on her knitting boards and looms and occasionally picks up some knitting needles too..

4 thoughts on “All the things I HAVEN’T been blogging about.. look out!

  1. That whole unemployment thing seems to be spreading fasted that your stomache bug. We’re there — with the Hub’s in the Hospital, unemployed, and me shaking in the boots hidden from public view. Perhaps a step out of one job is a step up into a better one — I can only hope for the both of us. Hugs to you, dear lady.

  2. I certainly feel your crazy hectic last few weeks…wow! You’ve got a ton going on (sounds like how it is around here, lol!)

    So sorry to hear about hubby’s job…but I know that you will be cared for, and that something even better will come in it’s place. Hang in there…Hugs!

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