How To’s Day: How to get free knitting books!

howtosday-icon-thumb I don’t think I have paid for a book in a while. I have gotten a few good ones lately and I thought why not share how I did it! It’s really pretty easy! I use Swagbucks. It’s a great little deal!

I downloaded their search bar and rather than searching through my regular search bar on my internet browser I use the Swagbucks one. I am randomly awarded points for this. Once I have collected up 450 points I pop over to the Swagbucks store and buy myself a $5 Amazon gift card.  Quite often you can get used books there for a very low price. I might have to wait a bit till I collect up enough points to get a book and the shipping for free but hey it’s usually worth the wait!

I mention this now because a) I just ordered another $5 Amazon card today so I am on my way to getting a book I have been wanting, and b) There are two great incentives to sign up before Thursday!

Swagbucks is offering a 50 point sign up bonus, so you automatically get 70 points to start you off. AND they are going to be putting out 5 bonus codes on Thursday! So if you sign up and download the search bar a little message alert will go off on it to tell you there is a code and you can get some points fast!! Or you can watch the little widget on my left sidebar, it will also show code alerts!

There are also alot of other things you can get with Swagbucks.. certificates, and music posters etc. You can also use your Swagbucks to enter to win prizes or you can save up for something really big like an iPad!. I don’t know if I have the stamina!

Click here to check it out and sign up! It’s free, and it’s really not annoying like other online programs or I wouldn’t be telling you about it let alone using it!

Note.. apparently there is a special code to enter to get 30 extra points when you sign up. SwagToSchool  is the code, it is case sensitive as all Swagbucks codes are! Let me know if it works!

Enjoy! And let me know what ya get with your points!!

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3 thoughts on “How To’s Day: How to get free knitting books!

  1. sounds interesting i briefly looked at link it said 30 was the offer but will look more later

  2. I signed up for Swagbucks a long time ago and forgot all about it when I got my computer wiped. Thank you for reminding me about it, I will be sure to use it to get some loom knitting books.

    Love your blog. 🙂

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