Finished Friday: Socks done willingly!?!

Yes my friends, I have knit a pair of socks and soo didn’t get paid for them! I even gave them away!!

Picture 005

Happy Birthday Frankie!!

You might recognize this yarn.. especially if you are Major Knitter! This is the yarn from the care package she sent me! So I am passing on the love!!

The pattern is from the book Think Outside the Sox  it is one of the simple patterns, which suits me just fine!! One of these days I am going to tackle the cover socks! Yes sir!


I am finishing up another project as well. Lady Lovelace from the fall Knitty. Just the sweater I need to acquire more yarn to make the shawl.  I would have had it finished last night but the shoulder seams are giving me trouble.. I need to get them right so the neck lies right. Then on with the sleeves, off to the store for snaps and I should be done in time to wear my sweater Easter Sunday!!

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