Finished Friday: What a difference a year makes.


I am    so   finished with this last year!!


What a difference a year can make. Last year it was my 40th birthday and the day was filled with figuring out how to apply for state insurance for the children, while figuring out just how poor we needed to be to get and keep them on it while still being able to pay the mortgage and eat.  We also downgraded my phone to the older cheaper one and ended up cutting out cable and many other things later that week.

This year.. I have my better phone back, and the day was spent getting Brian ready for a business trip for his new job that pays significantly more than that one he was so rudely dumped from a year ago. Again I spent some time recently figuring out insurance for the family.. but this time we are paying for it and CAN pay for it. Our freezer is so full of meat I struggle to find room to put anything in there! My cupboards are full to the brim (If the rapture does happen tomorrow anyone left reading this had my permission to come and help themselves.. just please feed the dog and cats K?)

AND the mortgage which did slip over the last year is caught up and actually is at this point one of 3? outstanding debts we have. We have donated our old car to charity and look forward to getting a nice used 4 wheel drive something and paying CASH for it.

I have to tell you. There is nothing that makes you pray more than having 4 children to feed and not a whole lot to do do it with!!  And prayer works.. even for you skeptics out there it can serve also as a solace, God is a shoulder to lean on. Sometimes that is all you need, sometimes more.

And yes. I did more than pray. I also learned a lot more frugal skills.. as if I wasn’t doing it already. Couponing has definitely cemented itself into my routine! I love all the save $100 a week lists.. I already was doing them all in spades!!

Some other things that happened over the year.. I got another book written.. but you all knew that already. I got a job, and have now left it.. A great job! I actually enjoyed it even though I was stretched so thin with work homeschooling and writing a book! I met some really nice people and I do think I was able to show them a glimpse of God’s love which brought me through the tough times.  I sure hope so.

All in all it has been a difficult year. There is a happy ending, and I look forward to a good year ahead..

I have made it a goal to start blogging again every day! I have several projects that I need to share. Some techniques I  have ‘unvented’ that I would like to do videos of, and just generally need to get back on track with my blog! Look for some upgrades changes and improvements!!

So here we go!! I am going for the 365!! wish me luck!

And here is my silly birthday present!! LOVE IT!!


1 thought on “Finished Friday: What a difference a year makes.

  1. O. My. Golly!
    You’ve really had a year to end all years, yet come out ahead. I applaud your tenacity and spirit, and look forward to hearing about and seeing pictures of the kiddos in the future. Is it clean the house and shampoo carpets time for company yet?????

    Pat yourself on the back for a job really well done — and pat yourself for me 🙂

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