How To’s Day: Saving More Money = More Money for Yarn!

Howtosday icon It’s been a while since I have done a How To’s Day so I thought I would tell you about a new smart phone app that I found that is really handy!

It’s called Favado. It is an app that you can use to match up sales with coupons at your favorite stores so you can save even more money.. and we all know what that means!! More money for YARN!!!

But seriously.. this app is great.. if you have a smart phone I HIGHLY encourage you to check it out! With Thanksgiving coming up here is a little info graphic on what how much you can save!

Slash Your Holiday Feast Budget with Favado

There are several stores in the database, including national stores and a whole lot of local chains as well. I even used this app to see what was on sale at the local store when I recently went up to New York state!

Every little bit counts!!! Remember..the more you save on your groceries,the more cash you have to add to your stash!!!


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