How To’s Day: Saving More Money = More Money for Yarn!

Howtosday icon It’s been a while since I have done a How To’s Day so I thought I would tell you about a new smart phone app that I found that is really handy!

It’s called Favado. It is an app that you can use to match up sales with coupons at your favorite stores so you can save even more money.. and we all know what that means!! More money for YARN!!!

But seriously.. this app is great.. if you have a smart phone I HIGHLY encourage you to check it out! With Thanksgiving coming up here is a little info graphic on what how much you can save!

Slash Your Holiday Feast Budget with Favado

There are several stores in the database, including national stores and a whole lot of local chains as well. I even used this app to see what was on sale at the local store when I recently went up to New York state!

Every little bit counts!!! Remember..the more you save on your groceries,the more cash you have to add to your stash!!!

Frugal Friday! More Cash to Build Your Stash!

Those of you who follow me on Facebook or Twitter have probably already seen I have come across another neat little smart phone app that pays back money for the things I buy at the grocery store! I thought I would pop in here and share the wealth, so to speak!

(More cash for yarn I say!)

The really nice thing about this app is that it doesn’t link to my store cards, and is not associated to ANY store at all. So I can shop anywhere I want, and still get money back!



SO here it is.

This app is called Endorse. It is available on both iPhone and Android phones!  It’s so simple!! You just download the app and then….


(Graphic from

I tried it out the other day.. There was an offer of 10% back on toilet paper.. ANY brand.. ANY size.. so.. I bought the store brand for $4.99.

When I got home I took a photo of my receipt and selected the toilet paper deal on the app.

The next day I had $.49 and 5 points in my account. I was able to pop that $.49 into my Paypal account immediately.. no waiting till it got up to $5 or $10!!

Nice! And the really nice thing is once you earn 500 points they will donate $5 to the charity of your choice!!

SO pop over and check it out!! Just Click here!

Frugal Friday A Good Deal on a Nice Gadget!

Well  I have posted this two months in a row on the Ravelry classifieds.. Had two interested persons but no deal..


Thank you Anne! Headed to the post office soon! Enjoy your new gadget!!

So I thought I would try here!

I have an iPod Touch 4th generation, that is in very good condition. It works great, has some scratches on the back, normal wear and tear stuff. The screen is in pristine condition, no scratches.

I would have just posted it on Ebay, but there is an unique feature.. the inscription on the back..

It reads: All your yarn are belong to us!

iPhone2012 012

yep.. its silly I know, but I saved up for months to buy it and I wanted it to be mine!

So, now that I have combined phone and iPod in one in my iPhone, I would like to sell it!

I am looking for $100 + shipping to the US preferably.  SOLD!

It will come with the original box, sync/charger cable, the silicone case, seen in the photos, I will be throwing in a neat little gadget that allows you to broadcast sound to your car radio! It’s really clever.

iPhone2012 009

What will not be included: the earphones.. (I just don’t think you would want the used ones!) the instruction booklet (Unless I find it after posting this.)

It will be wiped clean with a factory reset, it is updated to the latest greatest iPod Touch operating system ready for you to sync it up and make it yours!

If you are interested please leave a comment, or email me at Denise at knitchat dot com

I can take Paypal payment, or if you would like a check or money order.

Help a sister out! Get a good deal, and add to my laptop fund!!