The Striped Shawl

So I showed this striped shawl the other day.. that was one of my commissioned pieces!
I made it for Authentic Knitting Board to be included in one of their kits.. you can find it here: Harvest Lace Shawl Pattern Kit

The pattern is there for download as well. I liked it so much I will make another one.. which is going to be a prayer shawl! One of these days I will also make one for myself!

That shelf is part of my new crafty work area.. I am awaiting the big piece to finish putting it all together! I pre- ordered a Workbox 3.0!! I can’t wait to have it set up completely and have a lot of my stuff organized in one place! This little shelf is a good start. Now I finally have all my knitting books and magazines together!

One thought on “The Striped Shawl

  1. Hello Denise, I am working this beautiful shawl pattern, but I came to the first eyelet row and struggled with it. Can I ask you my question here?

    My loops were so tight that I struggled to move them. Your pattern noted that I could unwrap the e-wraps if needed… Is the shawl designed to use e-wrap throughout? I had not seen a direction to use e-wrap so I’d been using knit stitch. I’m pretty new to loom knitting (this is my first step up from the large gauge round looms!) so I probably just didn’t know better…. In any case, I’ve only done 23 rows so it will be easy to frog if I need to 🙂

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