Weekend Update

Let’s see..

Brian went off to the Jr. High church rally leaving us to fend for ourselves! So we went to game night and had tacos!

iPhone2013 010

We played games and had fun!

iPhone2013 011

Tannor decided playing Apples to Apples with the cards was just too passe.. so he did this instead!

Pretty cool!

Then it was Azia’s birthday and we had a yummy yummy cake!!

iPhone2013 012

It’s a Cake Boss cake called Oh My Ganache! And it was GOOOOOOD!

Over the weekend I was also able to get the left front of Sylvi done!

iPhone2013 013

So far this sweater could be done on a knitting loom.. probably not the case when I get to the fancy cable-y part! Very exciting to do a ‘dry block’ on it and see that it is just right!

And so fast even with the seed stitch! What should I work on next? A sleeve? The other front? Or..the fun part! The back?!

Actually, I had already decided to leave the sleeves, since I need to shorten them a bit for my leetle arms.

Have to do some maths!

So, how did your weekend go?

Finished Friday..
Things we should never finish

Today is Pearl Harbor Day. I posted a few years ago about my trip there and about Rudy Martinez who was the first Mexican American killed in WWII at Pearl Harbor.


So today, I want to simply redirect you to that post, because it is worth a revisit. We should never finish remembering and thanking those who have given their all so we can have what we have.

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