Would you give up food for 30 hours so someone else could eat?

This weekend my husband and two oldest kids are going to to just that! For 30 hours they will not eat, and will be learning about the plight of the hungry around the world.

They are looking for sponsors for this 30 Hour Famine..

Here’s what they said about what they are doing:

We are really excited for this event! Last year we did the same thing, and it was such a touching event, most of the videos and the facts made us mad at the world! Like one, “To satisfy the world’s sanitation and food requirements would cost only US$13 billion- what the people of the United States and the European Union spend on perfume each year.”

That is just horrible! TO think we could stand a year without perfume, but nobody does, they don’t usually think that the food they just threw out was something that someone in Africa could easily benefit from.

Our youth group is trying to raise enough this year so that three children can eat for a year, all that from us going without food for only thirty hours. Please help if you can!

To sponsor Azia please  click here

To sponsor Jaxom  please click here

To sponsor Brian Click Here!! *he really needs sponsors to catch up with the kids!!

If you want to learn a little more about the 30 Hour Famine first, please click here.

And thanks to Isela I can sweeten the pot!! If you sponsor either one of my kiddos she is willing to throw in a free pattern from her pattern shop, or you could pick one from mine as well.(just click on the pattern gallery link above!) This offer good now till Sunday!!

Please leave a comment on this post letting me know you donated, I will verify, and then send you the details on how to get your free pattern!

Happy Hanukkah… Jehovah Jireh

As the sun set on this first night of Hanukkah I was starting to prepare dinner. This is the first time in over a week I have felt well enough to even attempt this so it was cool!  It’s been a rough couple of days outside of the sickness. When I went to the doctor for my follow up appointment yesterday my bank card was declined! Brian’s card was misplaced so we immediately thought that it was because of that! After a quick check of the account on his phone we were perplexed. We stopped at the bank after the appt. and found out the problem was with MY card and that someone had tried to access it and had pin errors so the bank shut it down. I reset my pin at the bank and then headed home.  When I got home a voice mail awaited me. The bank fraud dept. had called. Someone tried to get money out of our bank account from Shanghai!

To top that off, our transmission in our van went. This has left us without a vehicle.. save the motorcycle. And with me being sick I haven’t gotten out to finish some necessary shopping!

I was mulling this all over, and decided to make a favorite dinner.  As I got things out I realized I couldn’t find any butter.  I searched the refrigerator.. nope.. the freezer.. nope .. the downstairs freezer.. there was margarine.. not really what I needed but it would have to do. Then I needed an onion.. looked in all the normal spots.. nope no onion. So I got the folding step stool out  (yep I am short.. ) and got dried diced onions out of the cupboard. They would have to do.

But I found that God just didn’t want me to ‘make do’ this first night of Hanukah. So He went all Jehovah Jireh *on me! After I washed the skillet and had put a little margarine in it I happened to look up (remember I am short) and there.. up on top of the refrigerator was the EXACT amount of butter I needed. I hadn’t seen it there before… weird..

Then I stepped over to the pantry closet to get something and POP.. out falls an onion.. the EXACT size onion I needed. Well.. ok then!

On a day I am struggling to figure out how I am going to get everything done, pay for this car repair  and if I am ever going to just get better and feel 100% God is showing me in his own little way that indeed he will provide what I need.

Thanks.. I needed that.

*The Lord will provide.

A recap of yesterday… er.. the week..

SO. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you have a little bit of an idea how my week has gone!

While getting ready to head out to our church’s district conference, I have been cleaning. (I hate to come home to a messy house, don’t you?)

In the midst of cleaning I kneeled on the broken axel of a matchbox car. Of course it was rusty too what broken matchbox car axel isn’t rusty?  It went in the whole way.. about a half an inch (sorry to gross you out)

My last tetanus shot? 13 years ago!

Off to the doctor! Two Band-Aid’s and one shot later It was all good. Sorry no picture of the offending object. The nurse practitioner tossed it in the sharps box!

Well with the boys at camp for 3 days the house stayed clean for more than 24 hours. So that was good because my knee hurt!!

Fast forward to yesterday. Off we went to pick up the boys at camp, where Brian proceeded to step in the hole dubbed the ‘ankle breaker’ Well you saw the pictures on my wordless Wednesday post.. off to the urgent care and x-rays and new crutches. He is feeling better but this leaves the driving chores to me!

Meanwhile.. back at home… Azia was being AWESOME and staring the boy’s camp laundry. Unfortunately something went wrong and when the washer went to drain it went ALL OVER THE PLACE!

Apparently it was a flood of massive proportions. She and Jaxom took quick action and got the washer stopped, and sopped up the mess. They did great!!

So, I am off to get him to write out some lists of what we need to pack, so I don’t forget anything!

I have a Finished Friday of a little craftiness to show off tomorrow! So look for that!