Finished Friday: Kate:aka a Kitty for Kayleen

My cousin Kayleen sews some great cat toys and beds, and on occasion I have knit some stuff for her as well. Recently she showed some neat fabric she had gotten to make some kitty beds and I was smitten! My cats needed a nice bed, so she proposed a trade. I knit her a kitty and she makes me a kitty bed..

So here is her kitty!!



If you need a kitty Christmas present I recommend Kayleen’s store- click here!

Finished Friday….

Hmmm I have nothing knitting related that I can show off this time..Again with the secret projects.. oi!

But let’s see..I did this quite a while ago but don’t think I ever showed it here on the blog!



A little reverse appliqué action ala Alabama Chanin there. My favorite t shirt got a stain on it.. so this gave it a second chance!

I am pretty pleased with how it came out too!

I am soooo excited too..I signed up for a class taught by Natalie Chanin on Craftsy too! Details on it tomorrow and a great opportunity for my fellow bloggers too!

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Yet another Finished Friday Where I Can’t Show and Tell!!

Hmm way too many ‘secret’ projects this year!! Let’s see.. I can show you this..

iPhone2013 006

A prayer shawl I made for a special lady. I really finished it LAST Friday, and was planning to get it in the mail Monday.. but got writer’s block.. so it’s still here, and not in Oregon where it should be!

iPhone2013 005

Sigh.. It’s been one of those weeks!!

Finished Friday! A hat!

Well.. hey this is actually my Finished Friday from last week.. but I had to wait till it arrived in the mail!

This is a hat I made by special request from Keith!


In the picture is the flashlight God gave us.. but that is a story for another day!

For now I am just happy to finally be able to share a project after finishing so many that I couldn’t share!!