Finished Friday! It’s a big one!!!

Well I was trolling around Amazon this morning and I was quite surprised to see this:



How to Knit Fashionable Scarves on a Circle Loom: New Techniques for KNitting 12 Stylish Designs

This would be the reason I have not been blogging much lately!  I have been just a tad busy you see! It’s been a roller coaster that ended this week with me heading out to the publisher to coordinate  a photo shoot for the techniques in the book. Thanks to everyone in my family for putting up with me over the last 3 months!! And everyone at work who kept asking me.. shouldn’t you be knitting?!!!

Finished Friday! Where’s Tarzan? I Have his Vine!

I am working on a project for a friend. She happens to be the owner of a local bed and breakfast called Quail’s Covey. It’s BEAUTIFUL there and her cooking is to die for!!

So she saw something similar I made at our church and needed some tiebacks for the curtains in her one guest room seen here:



Those curtains are made from an old crochet beadspread split in two!! So you can see my friend is quite crafty herself! So I finished one of the tiebacks..


The second one will be in progress soon!  Hmm.. when I am done she will just have to take another picture of the room for the website so she can show them off!

Finished Friday: Where the young people show me how it’s done!

My middle son may not be into the academics, he may balk at spelling, and downright muddle through math, but is that boy ever cratfy!

He creates and builds wonderful things with his hands and his mind! Today, with a little help from me he created a tool, only a boy could want.. a bug net!

He came up with the idea, gathered the materials and sewed it together..


And voila! Here it is..

IMAG0180Now this last few weeks have been pretty slow for me in the project dept. so here is one of my young friends to show me how it is done.. We had hat day on Wednesday at our church’s Kids club and so Camilla whipped up a hat..


Quite good for a last minute project! She rocks the needle and thread..

Now I have to confess that I have gotten something done this week. I finished the reverse appliqué for the front of the Alabama Stitch Book style corset I am working on.  


The next step is to seam it together.  I have to decide whether or not to hand stitch it, or to machine stitch it. Stay true to the style, or speed it up.. haven’t decided yet. I am also thinking I need another half flower over there on the left edge.. And I have to decide what to do on the back! ai aiai!