Finished Friday! Lots to show!

Let’s see.. as promised yesterday I will show you the shirt I did. This is my first project from the Alabama Stitch Book and I like it!!


Take two t shirts with stains and voila make something nice out of them rather than throwing them out!

(I had a little help)


Next up is a reverse appliqué corset top from the book. Here is my test piece for that..

IMAG0169Quite fetching I think! Hoping that it will look this good on the shirt!

Here is is with the stencils painted up and drying..

IMAG0172I hope they don’t end up looking like jelly fish.. I am sure they won’t!

And to top it all off I finished a little hat for my neice!! And after a bit of tweaking the pattern will be available in my shop. Sorry loom knitters this one is for needles..


Found on the Street

Last night Brian and I went to the opening event at  new Office Space Coworking  site in down town Canton. It’s nice! If you are a person who works at home or needs office digs in the downtown area then this place is for you!

As we were leaving we came across a knit hat lying on the street.


I surmised, and Brian agreed, that it was a loom knit hat. Minutes before, I had seen a woman walk by pulling a suitcase behind her.  I think that she dropped it I also think she was homeless. When we turned the corner she was far off, farther than earshot. So we put it up there on the post. Perhaps she will find it, or someone else who needs it will find it.

All in all a cool little find! Of all people to come across it, go figure!

Finished Friday! A baby blanket!

Ok details details! The blanket is a little 26×26 baby blanket for a friend’s new addition! It was also my Olympic Knitting though I missed finishing it by a couple days.

It was cast off on Wednesday night! I have a few little ends to weave in and such but other than that it is finished!


It is the log cabin pattern from Mason Dixon Knitting. Easy peasy!! I had started another blanket in other colors but they were vetoed as not being baby boy colors.. but hey they go well with my couch so I might just make a full size blanket!

Next on my list, and already cast on I am reviewing and tweeking the pattern for my O’Reilly hat. It is a needle knit pattern and I am hoping to have it  tweeked  and available next week! Then I might even tackle working out larger sizes for it!

After that what do you think? A tutorial for making log cabin squares on the knitting loom? The only problem with that is if you do it like I did you need a BIG loom.. but if you make individual squares for a ‘quilt’ like blanket.. that could work! We’ll see!

Finished Friday: The Sewing Machine Cooperates..

Well, I am NEARLY finished with my latest knitting board project which will be produced into a pattern for my shop. I should have a sneak peek for you early next week, perhaps Tuesday with a little free pattern too!

For now, I goofed off at the sewing machine this afternoon, and this is what resulted:

Toy Society Toy Drop 4

I think that the sewing machine and I have finally come to an understanding. I want it to work well for me, and it in turn is!

This little toy is going to be dropped at an undisclosed location, as a Toy Society toy drop. This is my fourth toy drop.  So far, even though I only know of one toy being found for sure, it’s been fun!

I enjoy making these little toys, it gets me and my sewing machine and I cooperating and hopefully brings a little joy to someone out there!