Finished Friday: Two Trips to the Finish Line!

First up: Lady Lovelace


It is no secret that Teva Durham is one of my favourite knitting designers. I love her creative bent on design! And so when I saw one of her patterns in Knitty I HAD to knit it! And so I did. Now I have only done the cardigan, I do have the yarn for the Shawl portion as well and plan to knit that up before winter.

The yarn is Teva’s as well, it is  Which is so soft that it is even good for against the skin wear. I am not sure if it is produced any more. it was a bit difficult to find a retailer selling it so  could get more to knit up the shawl. Here is a little detail of the sleeve:


Today also marks the end of our official school year. This is the first time I have not gotten everyone done with their progress, but working full time for most of the school year sort of puts a dent in your productivity.

Jaxom will finish his first year of high school today, Azia has a bit of work to finish Caleb is doing fine and Julian will be sliding solidly into the 3rd grade level of all classes. So the little guys will be at the same level next year.  I plan to spend some time this summer seeing what is holding my little Julian back in reading and seeing what we can do about it. 

Finished Friday.. so much to share so little time!

Well.. the main thing that is finished this Friday is my husband’s business trip. It went well.. till the end. A VERY late flight cancelation.. led to an all nighter that included a VERY expensive rental car and long drive home, rather than the 1 1/2 hour straight flight that was originally planned..

So for now while I have quite a few projects to share they will have to wait.! Sorry!

Finished Friday: Socks done willingly!?!

Yes my friends, I have knit a pair of socks and soo didn’t get paid for them! I even gave them away!!

Picture 005

Happy Birthday Frankie!!

You might recognize this yarn.. especially if you are Major Knitter! This is the yarn from the care package she sent me! So I am passing on the love!!

The pattern is from the book Think Outside the Sox  it is one of the simple patterns, which suits me just fine!! One of these days I am going to tackle the cover socks! Yes sir!


I am finishing up another project as well. Lady Lovelace from the fall Knitty. Just the sweater I need to acquire more yarn to make the shawl.  I would have had it finished last night but the shoulder seams are giving me trouble.. I need to get them right so the neck lies right. Then on with the sleeves, off to the store for snaps and I should be done in time to wear my sweater Easter Sunday!!

Finished Friday: A hat.. a plain old hat!

Well, I finally finished a nice plain old black wool hat that was a long over due thank you gift for my mentor at work. So sorry, I have no photo. But I can show you what it looks like. I used the New York hat pattern from I Live on A Farm. A nice easy pattern!

I have used a few of her patterns in the past. All well written, easy to follow and great results!!

Next time.. I will take a picture.. I promise!