So What Have I Been up To?

Wow! It’s been a while.. I have been knitting and working and many of you may have seen my latest book that came out last year!

If not here it is!

I like this one it was fun to knit hats! They are a quick and easy project! My favorite is the one on the top left with the flower pin!! So easy that one!

Another thing I have been doing is knitting a lot of prayer shawls and a few items for commission. I have knitted a log cabin blanket, a mermaid tail and a whole whack of prayer shawls.

Lately, I have been researching for another book project with my mother, that is a bit different than my other ones. It has involved, and will involve, some travel to go see some really neat items! I can’t talk about it just yet… but I can’t wait to share it with you!

I have also been starting on a journey to make my home healthier! Eliminating chemicals and cleaning naturally by using essential oils and other products. I am going to try to start blogging a bit more often. At least once a week and updating the site so keep watching this space!


After an hour and a half on the phone with technical support to try to fix a problem on our homeschooling site, and the conclusion of a LONG project.. I thought I deserved cookies.. but hey the new issue of Knitty is out.. so that will work!

Off to enjoy!

I am really liking the Hugga Shrug!


But I have two things in  my queue ahead of it!

Three of these cuties…for a friend..



And a special request from my daughter..



I did recently finish a shawl.. and a sweater.


Hope to be a bit more active here! Sorry the site was down for a bit!

Oooh and I can’t wait to show you the Project Alabama dress I won on Ebay! WOOT!