Great Connections and a ‘Smidge’ of Knitting..

Azia and I went to Wine and Wool today. It was rather small, but I understand there was some difficulty when the main person organizing the event had to step down. We also got there late in the day so I am not sure if people had already left or not.

Made a great connection though! I met the owner of the new Yarnia shop! Melissa. She is super nice. She had a lot of great yarns there, and it sounds like the shop is going to be great!! A cafe, classrooms, and yarn of course! Looks like I will be working on switching the Stitch n’  Bitch group to a new location! She was very receptive to us meeting there..  (yes Ashley.. you are double doomed!!)

She also had two things at the festival that I have been dying to get, but really didn’t want to pay the shipping on to order online.. The Lucy Bag Pattern, (I need to do something with all the wool I have since I can’t really wear it!) and the The Knitter’s Handy Guide to Yarn Requirements. It is awsome!! I don’t know what I have done without it!!

I whipped this up last night on my knitting board..


I needed a serious break from work knitting!! And this sure fit the bill.

I need to weave in the ends, and maybe I will wear it to church tommorrow.

I also made yogurt.. Kansas will be beaming at that! Hopefully it will be good!

All in all A good day..I’m energized…how’s about you?

PS. The fall sale on my patterns will continue through the end of October! Remember all you have to do to get $1 off each pattern is to enter the code fallsale and it will give you the discount! Enjoy!

Stash Reallocation…ie. Sale…

A basket full of knitting boards!I am taking a day off from some ‘work’ knitting to regroup and reorganize and do some jobs I have neglected over the last few weeks days. 

I went to the local craft shop that is closing because I needed buttons, but they were out! I really wasn’t going to buy anything but then I spotted this basket that is perfect for keeping my knitting boards organized. Then I saw they were selling some shop fixtures including some great metal bins that would be perfect for keeping my stash in! Better than the flimzy ones I have now so I am re-allocating some stash, and hoping to cover the cost of the bins at the same time!

So here goes: (and don’t forget my  Fall Sale on patterns, simply put the code fallsale and you get $1.00 off!)

I have a few of the same items.. that I thought I had found new homes for but fell through the cracks!

I prefer PayPal for payment, but I can deal with other forms of payment. Check or money order.

Click on the thumbnails to see a larger photo of the items!

1. 30″ AJALSold

I am letting my AJAL go.. it is a 30″  regular gauge AJAL from Deccor Accents. I am asking $40.00 +shipping it can be seen up there in the basket. It is the one with the cotter pins.  One cotter pin near the end of the board got bent but it is looking fine now..

2. EFG Sock Loom Sold!

Up again is the oval EFG sock loom! It is the 9″ loom with 64 pegs. Great for toe up socks!

EFG Sock Loom 

This will go for $18.00 (including shipping) There is some great sock yarn below to go with it too!!

Then the yarn parade! 

Note: I do have a couple cats and a dog and though I keep the yarn away from them, you might want to pass if you are highly sensitive to animals.

3. Lot of Acrylic yarns 

A whack of acrylic yarn… This box of acrylic yarn is mostly Red Heart. It is all worsted weight. I threw it on the scale and it is 5 pounds of yarn!


It’s  yours for $35.00  $25.00 shipping included!! (yes you heard that right.. shipping included!) I want it out of here!

4.Sock yarns!  Sold!

 Kroy Sock Yarns Brights

These are all balls of Kroy sock yarns it usually takes two balls to make a pair of socks for the average foot.

$20.00 for the lot, or $5.00 a peice if you buy the lot the shipping included if you buy individual balls shipping will be calculated. (so send me your zip code please!)

 And last but not least.. a lonely ball of Lion Wool….er.. nevermind this is going to become a little hat tonight! Sorry you snooze you looze!!!!!

A Fall Sale on Patterns!!

I am switching over to E-Junkie to store and deliver my patterns. So it seems like a good time to have a sale!

It will take me a few days to get all the patterns switched over, and the new sale pages up so bear with me!

On any pattern sale page that you see this add to cart symbol… add_to_cart.gif that means I have switched that pattern  to E-Junkie, so you can use the coupon code: fallsale  and you will get $1.00 off the price of the pattern!*

So celebrate with fall with me and enjoy some savings! It’s a great time to get your Christmas knitting started!!

And if you sell patterns or other printed materials online, I highly reccomend E-Junkie they are by far the most reasonable digital storage and delivery company on the web that I have found so far!


*As always, I am able to take checks and money orders for those who do not want to make purchases on line, the discount will apply to these purchases as well, simply email me, mention the sale code and the patterns you want and I will be glad to work with you to get you the patterns you need!

A Parade of Pinwheels!

I have gotten a few photos of finished Pinwheel Blankets lately!

Please stop by my Reader’s Gallery and check them out! And if you have made one of the items from my patterns please do send me a photo so I can add it to my reader’s gallery! I always love seeing them!

I will try to link to your blog or website too so be sure to send me a link as well!