Finished Friday! My Precious.. and her friend!

It’s been a year since I started this.. I ordered the yarn February 7, 2013!

Well a year.. but it really didn’t take that long to knit.

One book about afghans, about 4 prayer shawls, a trip out to California to help my mom and dad for a bit, and several other events later, and I got back to it to finish it!

So here she is!

IMG_2130 IMG_2137The Details:

Pattern: Sylvi from Twist Collective

Craft: Knitting (with needles)

Yarn: Wool of the Andes Bulky from

Color: Wine

Yardage: 1370 yards

Leftovers.. 2 1/2 balls!

And now for the second project I have finished.. this one took EVEN longer. This has been my constant between projects knit for about 3 years now.

IMG_2166 IMG_2167 IMG_2168The details on that one!

Pattern: Aguona Laptop Bag from KnitPicks

Craft: Knitting (with needles)

Yarn: Telemark (say what? yeah it’s so old they don’t even make this yarn any more!)

Colors.. many who cares you can’t get it!

I still have to block it, put a zipper in it, and I want to line it. But this should make my lap top nice and cozy and happy!


So now tell my publisher I am free to do the NEXT secret project! Sigh.. yup.. back into the shadows with me! Sorry guys!


Introducing…. Knitty Gritty Savings!

You know.. since I have SO much extra time and all… I thought I would launch a new website! Yup I am crazy like that! I had recently picked up a  little work at home mom gig, doing some virtual assisting work for a person who owns a couple sweepstakes blogs, and as I was doing this, I came across a bounty of crafty related giveaways, contests and sweepstakes! So I thought why not create a site that has them all listed out in one place?!

I sort of started with that Linky idea on Mondays, but that just pulled in a few various giveaways. So the new site will focus on crafty (ie yarn craft mostly) giveaways, sweepstakes, contests, sales and deals!

You know.. saving cash so you can add to your stash.. cause we all need more yarn and crafty supplies!

Please check out my new site Knitty Gritty Savings!

I will probably be there a bit more than here! So check in on both!!