After an hour and a half on the phone with technical support to try to fix a problem on our homeschooling site, and the conclusion of a LONG project.. I thought I deserved cookies.. but hey the new issue of Knitty is out.. so that will work!

Off to enjoy!

I am really liking the Hugga Shrug!


But I have two things in  my queue ahead of it!

Three of these cuties…for a friend..



And a special request from my daughter..



I did recently finish a shawl.. and a sweater.


Hope to be a bit more active here! Sorry the site was down for a bit!

Oooh and I can’t wait to show you the Project Alabama dress I won on Ebay! WOOT!

A Review of the last two weeks..

Even though I have been gone more than that!

Let’s see.. I  was SICK, and the hubs was out of town.. what else what else..

I officially have two Boy Scouts and have the bling to prove it!


I took this lot to the prom/spring dance!


We got dirt ingredients and put the garden box together!



We had our traditional Mother’s Day seafood feast!


And did some cool science experiments!


Hmmm what’s missing…. yup. knitting. It’s been a LONG two weeks!