Knitting 911 Episode 4 Prize Alert!!!

knitting911Hello there! I wanted to let you know the next episode of Knitting 911 will be taking place tomorrow March 30th at 5:30 EST

To join in on the fun click here: Knitting 911 Episode 4

And you might just want to join in on the fun! I am going to be giving away a couple of prizes.. first is a copy of my book Learn to Knit on Circle Looms. I will even sign it for ya!

The other prize is a copy of Knitter’s Handy Guide to Yarn Requirements.

This is a great reference that you can pop into your knitting bag when you go out shopping for yarn for that next project!

To enter simply drop by during the show and either chat in the chat room or call in live!! (If you call in I will double your entries!) The phone number is on the site and will also be given during the live show!

So come on and join the fun and tell me what your favorite knitting reference book or web site is!

Freebie Friday! Blythe Crocheted Hat


I whipped this little hat up for my Blythe doll Claire and thought I would write down what I did so anyone could make it! Keep in mind this is my first attempt at a crochet pattern! This should also fit any American Girl I think as the dimensions of their heads are the same as Blythe dolls I hear! I actually started out using MK’s Beanie pattern for Pullip dolls and veered in my own direction to end up with a beret!


Hook: K

Yarn: Small amount of heavy worsted weight yarn. Sample made with Plymouth Bella Colour in color #16. It only took a very small amount to make the hat I will probably use the rest to make her a matching dress.

Notions: removable stitch marker, tapestry needles.


hdc: Half Double Crochet                                                                                                        sc: single crochet

Make a slip knot and work 6 sc into it, pull the slip knot to tighten. Mark beginning of the round!

  1. work 2 hdc into each sc (12 stitches)
  2. * work 1 hdc, then inc 1* , repeat to end of row
  3. *work 2 hdc, then inc 1* , repeat to end of row
  4. *work 3 hdc, then inc 1 * , repeat to end of row
  5. *work 4 hdc, then inc 1* , repeat to end of row
  6. *work 5 hdc , then inc 1* , repeat to end of row
  7. Work 2 rounds even in hdc.
  8. *work 5 sc, then decrease by 1*, repeat to end of row
  9. *work 3 sc, then decrease by 1*, repeat to end of row
  10. *work 2 sc then decrease by 1* , repeat to end of row
  11. work 1-2 rows in sc as desired for depth.

Break yarn, and weave in the ends!

Show it off on your girl!

You may use this pattern as you will.. make hats for your dolls, sell them whichever! Please do link back to this site if you make hats and have a website or blog! I would appreciate it!!

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Bookish Thursday: Size small need not apply!

I jumped at the opportunity of a sneak peek at More Big Girl Knits: 25 Designs Full of Color and Texture for Curvy Womenby Jillian Moreno & Amy Singer.

More Big Girl Knits

Let me say one thing.. this book RAWKS! This second volume is dedicated to exploring color and texture in knits for ‘big girls’.

The first section is jam packed full of style secrets and tips for using color and texture to flatter your figure! Also included is a great measuring guide, including a fill in the blanks chart for you to keep track of your figures, as well as a yarn yardage chart to help you determine how much yarn  you will need to complete your projects.

You also have to love the Pattern ratings:

  1. “Half-Caf (Brain Nudge) straightforward knitting sith shaping
  2. Expresso (modest amount of brain fuel) shaping, color work, mutliple stitch patterns
  3. Triple-shot caffine bomb with whipped cream (all brain cells on full) complex shaping with multiple things happening at the same time”

(Do you think they have that last one at Starbucks?)

Of the 25 designs in this book, there is NOT ONE that I am not jealous of! I would make all of them, and I don’t often say that about knitting books!

This one is not quite out yet; it is set to come out on April 1st. But you can pre-order it so you can have it ASAP!!