May 142014

Even though I have been gone more than that!

Let’s see.. I  was SICK, and the hubs was out of town.. what else what else..

I officially have two Boy Scouts and have the bling to prove it!


I took this lot to the prom/spring dance!


We got dirt ingredients and put the garden box together!



We had our traditional Mother’s Day seafood feast!


And did some cool science experiments!


Hmmm what’s missing…. yup. knitting. It’s been a LONG two weeks!

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Mar 242014

Why yes I should be working hard on finishing up the latest ‘secret project’ since my deadline is Thursday.. but that is no fun! Especially when there are cute free patterns like this one:


Berroco_Cubist_edited-1024x1002I took a peek at the pattern and it is one that could easily be done on a loom! I know there was someone out there looking for another shawl pattern they could use on the loom.. I of course can’t remember who but hey, hopefully this will get to them!!

Alright then.. the details are here!


Enjoy.. now back to work for me!


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