Invasive Species Controller

I was looking over the opportunities in the local listings for Disney’s Give a Day Get a Day volunteer program and the volunteer job of ‘Invasive Species Controller’ certainly caught my eye.

Had my parents dubbed me Invasive Species Controller, it might have made those endless hours of weed pulling a little more interesting.. Doesn’t it just tug at the imagination? Battling for life and limb with an ‘invasive species’?

One of the things I hope to do this year is get a little gardening going. Of course I think that every year, but hey who knows this might be the year I fight back some evil weeds in my garden area and get it done!

It’s sure worth it. I might not have thought that when I was young, grumbling and mumbling about having to constantly pull weeds, but when I had a taste of those peas right off the vine, or the blueberries.. oooh those blueberries I sure wasn’t complaining!

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