How To’s Day! How to Make a Gadget Girl Happy!


  1. Give the girl $250.00 (Thanks to a great online contest by BlogHer! )
  2. Let her stew over it a bit.
  3. Let her order a new iPod Touch to replace her old broken one (that broke in October! More on that later!)
  4. Be patient with her as she waits for it to ship to her, enduring real time updates as to where the iPod is….
  5. Sign for the iPod when it arrives and she has a KILLER headache and is still in her pajamas!
  6. Comfort her when she feels to poorly to even open the package due to aforementioned headache.
  7. Put up with her when she finally opens it, syncs it up and sings along to crazy songs like Short Skirt, Long Jacket by Cake!



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