How To’s Day: How to Snag a Scarf from ‘Fashionable Scarves on Circle Looms’!

I have several of the scarves from How to Knit Fashionable Scarves on Circle Looms, sitting around in a box in my closet. I keep tripping over the box since it sticks out a bit. I would donate these scarves but the majority are wool and need to be hand washed … SO….instead..

I will be using this cash to get a crank knitter so I can work on making hats with my kids club kids and youth at church for our hat and mitten tree this year!! Help me help them cover that tree with hats!!

I am asking $20 $15 per scarf, that will include shipping in the US.

Please email me at if you are interested in a scarf. This is a first come first serve sale.

I prefer PayPal, but would be able to accept a check or US Money Order if you prefer to pay in that manner.

The ones I have available are:


Chelsea Hooded Scarf (100% wool)




Trafalgar Self-Fringing Scarf (100% acrylic)




Soho Neck Warmer  (Wool Ease, wool acrylic blend)




Bloomsbury Chain Link Scarf (100% wool)




Camden Scarf (100% acrylic)




Piccadilly Scarf (100% wool)


Throughout the week I am going to be re-evaluating my knitting loom and knitting board ‘collection’ as well. I need to weed a few looms and boards out, so look forward to that listing hopefully next Tuesday!

How To’s Day: Creating a space to create!

So, how many of you wish you had a place to do your creative stuff? Ooh I see a lot of hands up out there!

I am  right with you!

With 4 kids two cats and a largish dog, I struggle just to walk through a room let alone carve out a space for myself to ‘create’.

The hubs has his own office space, and we shared it for a while; that was until my oldest moved his desk in there so he could do his high school work.  Now it is a bit of a ‘man cave’ and there is no space for me to spread out and work.

We have a 3 season room and I have generally had that space a bit.. it is mainly used as a play room for the little guys.  And we also have this unique space it’s a long storage room about 10(ish) feet wide by 5 feet high by bazillion feet long. (the full length of the house) the one furnace is in there and it’s not a bad space, but you can imagine it is quite like a REAL cave! Our thought was to turn that space into a play area for the boys and that would leave the porch room for me right?

So here’s my question. I wonder how do I claim that space for myself? Setting rules.. etc. and How do I do it without feeling guilty or even selfish! (Us moms are good at that eh?)

How do you do it?

How To’s Day

I was watching Craft in America tonight and thinking about my own art..or lack there of right now. I do look forward to getting some real art going this summer, but how to jump start it? I really feel the need to create something but just need a spring board.

Where do you start?

How To’s Day! How to Make a Gadget Girl Happy!


  1. Give the girl $250.00 (Thanks to a great online contest by BlogHer! )
  2. Let her stew over it a bit.
  3. Let her order a new iPod Touch to replace her old broken one (that broke in October! More on that later!)
  4. Be patient with her as she waits for it to ship to her, enduring real time updates as to where the iPod is….
  5. Sign for the iPod when it arrives and she has a KILLER headache and is still in her pajamas!
  6. Comfort her when she feels to poorly to even open the package due to aforementioned headache.
  7. Put up with her when she finally opens it, syncs it up and sings along to crazy songs like Short Skirt, Long Jacket by Cake!