Finished Friday! It’s a big one!!!

Well I was trolling around Amazon this morning and I was quite surprised to see this:



How to Knit Fashionable Scarves on a Circle Loom: New Techniques for KNitting 12 Stylish Designs

This would be the reason I have not been blogging much lately!  I have been just a tad busy you see! It’s been a roller coaster that ended this week with me heading out to the publisher to coordinate  a photo shoot for the techniques in the book. Thanks to everyone in my family for putting up with me over the last 3 months!! And everyone at work who kept asking me.. shouldn’t you be knitting?!!!

Have another look at the I-cord Tutorial!

I wanted to pull up the I-cord tutorial for you all again as it is used for two of my sweater projects that are featured in the new Loom Knitting Pattern Book.

You can find and download the free tutorial by just clicking here!

Happy Little Sweaters on their 'birthday'

Print yourself out a copy to tuck in the book, and you will have a little extra resource as you work! For full disclosure the I-cord cast on instructions were erroneously left out when the book went into print so here is the text that should be in the pattern notes of both patterns:

I-cord cast on: Make an I-cord the number of rows directed in your pattern. Hold the I-cord behind the pegs of the loom, and parallel to the base of the loom. Using the knitting tool, lift one leg of the stitch on the first row of the 1-cord up and onto a peg from behind. Work up one row on the I-cord, lifting stitches from the I-cord onto the loom. Work two rows of the I-cord, skip one and work two more. Continue in this manner until the desired number of stitches has been cast onto the loom.

You might want to highlight that text, right click on it and print selection and tuck that in your book as well! These things happen but not to fear, we have it covered!

I will be working on an publications page that will have pdf’s of the errata from my books so look for a new tab to pop up over the next few days!

Bookish Thursday on Tuesday! Two Books Hot off the Presses!

Have you ever been at a fiber festival and seen some lovely hand spun yarn and ultimately decided not to get it because you just weren’t sure what you would make with it? Or do you love to spin, but then don’t know what to do with your own yarn? (cough, Ashley, Cough)

Many moons ago, my Mother gave me some lovely hand spun yarn she had bought at a local festival. It sat forever in my stash. Some how hand spun gives some knitters knitter’s block and that is what this yarn did to me! It wasn’t until I found a 100 year old loom knitting book that I decided that the yarn was perfect for a stitch found in that book!

Well luckily for you, you don’t have to go searching out old books to find the perfect project for that hand spun yarn that catches your eye.


A new book A Fine Fleece: Knitting with Handspun Yarns by Lisa Lloyd is the go to book for this purpose. Lisa gives descriptions of many different fibers and their qualities by creature, also giving tips as to what sort of project each is suited to. She also gives tips to spinners on choosing and spinning the yarn with a particular project in mind.

The patterns are broken up in to different categories exploring themes:

  • Light and Shadow: Studies in Contrast
  • Forest and the Trees: Scale and Perspective
  • Conceptual Stitches and Emotive Design

All the patterns are beautiful. I don’t think there is one that I wouldn’t like to do given the time.

My first impression  of this book was to think it would be another ‘knock off’ of The Knitter’s Book of Yarn, but it is far from that. It is definitely a companion guide for spinners that can stand on it’s own!


The second book Tweed: More Than 20 Contemporary Designs to Knit by Nancy J. Thomas. This is a nice little volume devoted to the tried and true yarn that is tweed.  I know that tweeds often throw off people. They don’t quite know what to make of it, or with it. It is so thoroughly engrained in the weaving side of things that often knitters do not consider it.

This book will definitely change your opinion and give you some great history of tweed, as well as some great knitterly things to do with it!

I know my biggest fear with tweed was that I thought that I would have to just do miles and miles of stockinette, I thought that any pattern stitches would get lost when worked in a tweed yarn. Nancy quells this fear, by giving great tips on pattern stitches with tweeds and then goes on to give  a boat load of examples of stitch patterns that work with tweed. All in all this is a great little volume and would be a great addition to any knitter’s library!

And my loom knitting friends… This one is coming soon…!!! I can only say right now that I know it has 3 great designs in it by someone you know well ..hehehe oh .. well ok… I am sure they are all great!


The Latest and Greatest in Loom Knitting!!!

Here it is.. I have known this was coming out for a while.. Isela hinted at it a while back, and then I dragged it out of her!

 Learn to Knit Cables on Circle Looms

Looking forward to getting it.. That afghan on the cover is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Looks like it is not quite available yet.. but Annie’s Attic has it up on their site here. So you can keep an eye on it!

Congrats Isela!!!!

And for those of you who are avoiding the Black Friday shopping frenzy.. I found a new site to check out.. The Apronista!

pop on over they are having a great little givaway!

Oh.. and check out the lightning deals on my Amazon widget there on the left sidebar! I have seen a few sweet deals pop up there today! They change hourly!!