How SWTC and Cat Bordhi made my morning dig more pleasant!

There once was a knitter who made some felted slippers  designed by Cat Bordhi with some Southwest Trading Company Karaoke yarn…


And she was happy!

Then one got a hole it it and she was sad.

Then one cold March day her husband went on a business trip to nice warm Texas, and the next morning when she woke up it started to snow..


And snow..


and snow, until the snow was almost up to her knees!


So the knitter, not having any tall boots of her own (except those sexy ones with stiletto heels) went to borrow her son’s boots so she could start shoveling the driveway, so she could possibly have the job done by the time her husband needed to be picked up from the airport (4 days later..)

But one of her son’s boots was missing its liner! “Grr, Argh” and “Shoot!”, said the knitter! “What will I do?!”  “My poor foot will freeze in this boot!”

Then she thought and thought.. and she remembered the nice felted slipper she had made and she went and fetched it. It was just right!


And so the knitter went off and did some shoveling..


Will she get the shoveling done in time to get her husband from the airport, in for days time at noon??? Time will tell.. we shall see…pretty soon!

How To’s Day: How not to…

Get on my neighbor’s good side…

  1. Try to turn around in her driveway on a very snowy day…
  2. Get stuck.
  3. Pull in further into the driveway and attempt to back out by going fast.
  4. Get stucker. (is that a word?)
  5. Pull forward again, banging her son’s basketball hoop with the ladder rack on your van.
  6. Back up really fast because she has stepped outside to see what is going on and nearly hit her tree and wall.
  7. When offered a snow shovel, DO work fast..


And it can’t hurt to do a little extra groveling shoveling to clear a bit more than needed to get out, then beat it out of there fast!


I can’t help but feel sorry for this guy. But it was rather an entertaining scene while we sat for lunch. AND our driveway, was just freshly cleared. Had he just gone a  few more yards down the road he would have saved himself a load of trouble!

A real how to in a bit!! I am still working on the samples, and Brian just took off to live blog at the debate tonight. So who knows you might see him on the news if you watch it!

Later gaters!