For Easter I sported a new knitted top that I LOVE!! Francisca is a pattern by Christopher Croucher and is a nice flutter sleeve lace weight top!

So comfortable!!! I made it up with one of my favorite yarn brands Briar Rose their Angel Face lace weight which fits it’s name to a T! 100% alpaca soft and warm but not too warm for a nice spring to summer top!

Despite being lace weight.. you double the yarn.. it was a quick and easy knit, and I highly recommend it! you can find the pattern here, or on Ravelry!

I will have to pop up a beauty shot later! The weather was not cooperating for a good one.

You also get a sneak peek at part of my new work space! All my knitting and crafting books in one place! and a great spot for my knitting ‘models’ Hattie and Sugar!

All with my muse Eleanor close at hand!!

The Striped Shawl

So I showed a striped shawl the other day.. that was one of my commissioned pieces!
I made it for Authentic Knitting Board to be included in one of their kits.. you can find it here: Harvest Lace Shawl Pattern Kit

The pattern is there for download as well. I liked it so much I made another one.. which is going to be a prayer shawl which I REALLY need to send out! This one I knit on needles just to mix it up a bit! One of these days I will also make one for myself!

That shelf is part of my new crafty work area.. I am awaiting the big piece to finish putting it all together! I pre- ordered a Workbox 3.0!! I can’t wait to have it set up completely and have a lot of my stuff organized in one place! This little shelf is a good start. Now I finally have all my knitting books and magazines together!

Finished Friday! My Precious.. and her friend!

It’s been a year since I started this.. I ordered the yarn February 7, 2013!

Well a year.. but it really didn’t take that long to knit.

One book about afghans, about 4 prayer shawls, a trip out to California to help my mom and dad for a bit, and several other events later, and I got back to it to finish it!

So here she is!

IMG_2130 IMG_2137The Details:

Pattern: Sylvi from Twist Collective

Craft: Knitting (with needles)

Yarn: Wool of the Andes Bulky from

Color: Wine

Yardage: 1370 yards

Leftovers.. 2 1/2 balls!

And now for the second project I have finished.. this one took EVEN longer. This has been my constant between projects knit for about 3 years now.

IMG_2166 IMG_2167 IMG_2168The details on that one!

Pattern: Aguona Laptop Bag from KnitPicks

Craft: Knitting (with needles)

Yarn: Telemark (say what? yeah it’s so old they don’t even make this yarn any more!)

Colors.. many who cares you can’t get it!

I still have to block it, put a zipper in it, and I want to line it. But this should make my lap top nice and cozy and happy!


So now tell my publisher I am free to do the NEXT secret project! Sigh.. yup.. back into the shadows with me! Sorry guys!


Finished Friday: Kate:aka a Kitty for Kayleen

My cousin Kayleen sews some great cat toys and beds, and on occasion I have knit some stuff for her as well. Recently she showed some neat fabric she had gotten to make some kitty beds and I was smitten! My cats needed a nice bed, so she proposed a trade. I knit her a kitty and she makes me a kitty bed..

So here is her kitty!!



If you need a kitty Christmas present I recommend Kayleen’s store- click here!