Catching up! Mystery location #2

Well you all know the general area that we are in so this one should be easy.See if you can guess our second ‘touristy’ location..

It took about a three hour drive to get there..

Look out smoke!! Looks like there was a forest fire here recently!


SOOO not looking over the edge.. that shot is from the van window!!!

We fell for this place from the moment we pulled up!! Caleb took it literally..

Fell for it!

Pioneer Woman’s little girl punks can drive those big pickup trucks.. but my girl seems to have an affinity for power boats!

Check her out!

Also I met up with a loom knitting celebrity who lives nearby!(more on this later!)

Loomy Friends!

So any guesses?? Anyone anyone?? There could be some fibery goodness in your future if you are the first to guess…

8 thoughts on “Catching up! Mystery location #2

  1. Just a note for you to do something before you leave….say Happy Birthday to Caleb for us, and wish you parents a Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary…ok it’s a bit early but I’m on it!! And you’re there.

  2. I would hazard to guess that you are visiting Isela in Cache Valley (?) Utah! Am I right?
    Well, wherever you are, I hope you’re having a fabulous time!

  3. Well, geography has never been my strong point! 🙂 I didn’t realize until my daughter informed me that Utah does not connect with CA, but is on the other side of Nevada! OOOPS! I guess it would take a little longer than 3 hours to get there. I respectfully withdraw my guess. 🙂 Oh, welll…maybe next time!

  4. You cut your hair! When did that happen? Did I miss the post somewhere…I didn’t recognize you!

    Well…again, I know where you are but I can’t tell, lol.

    And I do recognize that person too…her name starts with an L 🙂

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