The ‘End’ of the contest…

Well trying to get back into the swing of things here. So I thought I would let you know who had the closest guess in the Guess hw many ends contest!

Drum roll please!!!!


She guessed 132, and the actual amoung was 155..

This ought to make up  a little for my giggling over her coffee vs. computer incident!

Don’t let that daunting amount of ends scare you away when the project is finally revealed.. I am probably just a messy knitter!

Back to the bounty of Rhinebeck tommorrow. I have to pack up my spinning wheel today and get it ready to go to it’s new owner!

Not Picked Up

Those were the joyous words that greeted me as I approached the UPS drop box.. AHH.. The end is near..

I am finally done with the knitting of my secret projects.. I am free at last!! I can knit what I want when I want where I want..

 So what is this secret project.. well it’s something for this blogger.. for the project seen HERE..Yep I’m a contributor.. three times over…

The only thing I can show you is this..

 Yarn Ends

Sorry it’s blurry.. it’s a little dark, dingy, and cloudy here in the Rhinebeck neighborhood today!

And thus a contest!!!

How many ends do you think are in that pile.. those are the ends I had to weave in as I finished up..

The person who guesses the closest gets the leftovers.. yes the leftovers.. of a high end ‘luxury’ fiber fingering weight yarn that was used for this project..

There is enough that one could make a nice stripey baby surprise sweater perhaps or another colourful baby sweater of their choice.. Unfortunately there is not enough yarn of the right colours left over to make the actual project itself.. but hey if you wait to see what is it you have a head start on the yarn!!!

Leave me a comment with your guess by Tuesday midnight, and I will let you know who is the closest!!!!

Happy Guessing!!!

And Boss… the package is on it’s way.. I can’t send outgoing email from you should get it Tuesday pattern forthcoming!!!