Rock the Vote!!

Ok.. I am actually going to be in Las Vegas at the same time Postie Con is going on..

So Rock the Vote people!!

 Blogger Choice Awards

My blog is nominated for Best Hobby Blog.. and I am behind!! WAHHH!!
Go vote.. or go vote for your other favourite blog!

Hurry! The voting ends on October 19th!

Shameless I know!

And it’s funny because they have the old look of my blog on there!

Arghh says me yarn pirate..

A Contest..over at Hankering for Yarn

Hey.. I seem to be all contests this week! Noreen Crone-Findlay is having a little contest over at her site! I love her dolls they are so fanciful and fun. And if you like them too you can enter to win one of her creations!
Just pop over and check it out!

 Hmm.. and come on people!! NO ONE filled in the blank on my wordless Wednesday last week!!


No Tick fans out there??

Vacation Knitting

Well I havn’t told you all about my vacation knitting! I brought a few projects with me to keep me busy on these drives from place to place.. but sadly last night I ran out of yarn on the one project!

Pi at a picnic

I am one and a half rows away from the 576 stitch section of the Pi shawl! Boy that increas row would have occupied me well during one of the legs of our plane trip tommorrow. sigh..

My neice showed me her loom knitting.

My Niece’s Loom

She is working on a scarf on the red loom I gave her. She has a copy of my book too but I can tell she didn’t really read it.. because she is working in the opposite direction that I show in the book! sigh…

I do have a little yarn left I will probably make a few fiddle faddle stars on the flight back to keep me busy! There was a guess on the mystery location #2.. LAKE TAHOE and just in case you didn’t recognise my loomy friend in the picture it is none other than Lynn Markman!

Next.. vacation yarn shopping!

Catching up! Mystery location #2

Well you all know the general area that we are in so this one should be easy.See if you can guess our second ‘touristy’ location..

It took about a three hour drive to get there..

Look out smoke!! Looks like there was a forest fire here recently!


SOOO not looking over the edge.. that shot is from the van window!!!

We fell for this place from the moment we pulled up!! Caleb took it literally..

Fell for it!

Pioneer Woman’s little girl punks can drive those big pickup trucks.. but my girl seems to have an affinity for power boats!

Check her out!

Also I met up with a loom knitting celebrity who lives nearby!(more on this later!)

Loomy Friends!

So any guesses?? Anyone anyone?? There could be some fibery goodness in your future if you are the first to guess…