Blog 365! And a contest!

WOW! I cannot believe that this year is almost over, can you? The observant among you will have noticed the Blog 365 badge on my sidebar..I joined Blog 365 at the beginning of the year, and thought it would be a daunting challenge!

It was!

It is difficult to come up with a blog post EVERY day. Some days I sure didn’t feel like it that’s for sure, but I set a goal for myself and I am two days away from  accomplishing it! I didn’t even take the 29th of February off so 366!

I can tell you this.. I will not be doing it next year.. at least not on purpose.. I would like to spend a bit more time mulling things over.. and posting some more ‘quality’ rather than ‘quantity’.

Don’t get me wrong it’s been fun, I enjoy sharing with you! I do need a little break though!

So hey to celebrate this let’s have a little contest!!

Think back over the year and tell me which one post stands out as your favourite..

Leave me a comment  about your favourite post and I will enter you into a drawing…

Post about  and link to your favourite post on your own blog, you get an extra entry! (Just be sure to come back and leave another comment with the link to your post in it!)

The prize?? hmm… lets see.. I have a few nice fibery treats.. so  I will pick a couple of winners! So get those comments flying!! Good luck!

28 thoughts on “Blog 365! And a contest!

  1. I’m going to be selfish and say the little journey you sent me on to find the name of The Bobs after posting mystery lyrics was supreme fun. Expecially since you sent me that awesome sock yarn.

    I love the mix of knitting and family life. Hearing about homeschooling, kids accidents while the hubby’s away and your knitting successes always draw me in. Chosing just one is like naming one child as your favorite.

  2. Well, it may not have been your pithiest post, but your most impressive post (to me) was showing how you finished TWO sweaters in November. As someone who is eleven months into her first sweater, I am duly impressed!
    And I think tomorrow’s post will impress me a bunch too – it being your 366th continuous post. I don’t know how you did it. I’m not even tempted.

  3. I have a teeny tiny short term memory so I’m going to have to go with more recent stuff. My favorite has been the post about the cotton candy. Kids are so fun 😉

    Now, I excluded all How-to posts because I am still waiting on the one on How to Rule the World!

  4. I chose your post on July 23, which is my birthday, and in it you explain how you are “the Birthday Lady”. The coincidence struck me and maybe a lucky sign.

  5. Yikes – blogging every day for a year. I can’t manage to blog except to list contests. I have other skills, I guess.

    I really enjoyed your Dec 24 post. I was admiring the crocheted snowflakes when all of a sudden the music started playing. Cool

    Happy new year.

  6. Talk about yikes – I’m really losing it. I managed to wind up on someone else’s blog. I really can’t figure out how I did it, but, I revise it to Dec 15 when you discovered Malabraigo. I have really wanted to try it myself but never have. It looks lovely in the photo.

    Now I will go off and post the contest on my blog and try to manage to come back here and get it right.

    sigh, sigh, sigh

  7. My favourite was the “How To’s Day: Bored? Nothing to do, Make a knitting loom with stuff in your house!” post. I tried it with the kids I was babysitting.

  8. I really enjoyed the Dec 9 Knitting Board entry. I’d never heard of one and this sent me off in an interesting direction.

    As for blogging every day – well, as you can see by my name, I can’t manage to blog ANY day. I do lurk around and read knitting blogs though.

  9. On April 8, 2008, you blogged about a new book entitled No Needle Knits: Loom Knitting Pattern Book. I didn’t know about the book and I’m definitely interested in it. Thanks for hooking me up with some great information!

  10. It’s my first time to visit your blog. It is interesting to join in a contest like this before that I would like to read some of your post. So that I can understand more the entries.Happy New Year!

  11. congrats on reaching your goal! that was some work!! one of my fav were nov 24th, first off it’s a good date (my hubys birthday) and i love the fact that you captured a pic of a guy in a cableknit sweater that he loves!!

  12. I liked your December 18th post — friends just brought up things I’d knit for them years and almost a decade ago which they’re still using. Warmed my heart!

  13. I had to laugh at your father putting your oven mitts IN the oven because they were “in the way”. Dad owes you some new mitts! 🙂

  14. I love How To’s so my favorite post on your blog was the How To Make Knitting Looms with Stuff around your house.

  15. I just found your blog for the first time and WOW you have a lot of good info – I think my fave is the tutorials. I printed ou the one about finding the gauge on mystery yarn. Very good info! Thanks for the contest. Debbie

  16. Hi,

    I can’t believe you blogged every day for a year. I’m knew to your blog and so just looked through recent ones. I really liked your Christmas Eve Poem.

    And you deserve a rest!

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  18. First I’m new to your blog. I had seen the contest, but as a procrastinator who never wins anyway, I figured why bother. But I did come back and saw that you are still doing it and you admitted to being a procrastinator yourself so I figured …
    And then when you asked for a vote for the superbowl party contest, I figured – if I do it right now … and so I went right over and voted for you and now I’m entering!

    I liked the October 24 post with your nearly finished sweater which looked gorgeous. I couldn’t find the finished post but I’ll look for it later …:-)

    Good luck on your contest entry and good luck to me.

  19. Amazing blogging every day for a year. Kudos.

    I voted for you (and had my husband do it too)

    My favorite post was the Nov 24 post with the beautiful photo of your husband wearing the great-looking sweater. Now mine wants one like that.

  20. Favorite post. Wow, so many to choose one from. Other than your instructions, tips and videos, I must say my favorite one is……Nearly Finished Friday. I found I like the sound of that instead of “I’m almost finished with it”. To have a marker (the day) to say that, makes it sound like it will be finished soon. Yes, that’s my favorite. BTW-I loved the sweater design. I haven’t been able to read each day or even do a lot of catch up, but I hope the sweater is finished and proudly worn.

  21. I love the 2 men having a contest on who can make the longest I cord.. that made me chuckle.. hehehehe

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