Yosemite Sam!

Well Debbie and Jennifer are both right! (ya’ll have to email me your contact info so I can send you something fibery when I get back!


We are in Northern California, and were at Yosemite! It is so beautiful there! The Big Trees are the Calaveras Big Trees a state park. It is very nice!

There is also a grove of big redwoods in Yosemite but we did not get to it.

The fun thing is that in the Ansel Adams gallery store at Yosemite there was a loom knitting kit! Too fun!

Well today we are off to another location nearby.. I think I will just have to have you all guess where I am next! (I have a little more stash to spare!) I am also having a little loom along while we are at our next destination.. meeting up with a loomy friend!

Boy blogging in the car is fun! hehehe See you later!

Notes on the Refrigerator

Here is a little shot of a note on my refrigerator:

Picture 038.jpg

(translation: get me more clothes (Jaxom) So I replied: quit growing!-Mom I can’t -Jaxom)

Then I walked into the kitchen the other day and saw that someone had done something to the note.

Picture 039.jpg


(translation:stop arguing Mom +Jaxom- Azia)

This was just too fun! I thought I would turn it into a little meme and contest!

I wanna see what notes are on your Refrigerators! So snap a picture and post it on your blog! It could be your shopping list, to do list whatever! Then leave me a comment to let me know you did it and where! Don’t forget to link to this post so if someone sees it on your blog they can come on by and join in the fun!

I have some pretty sock yarn to give some lucky person so don’t forget to leave a comment!

And please make sure there is a way I can get in touch with you if you win!I will add you all to a list and assign you a number as I add you and warm up the old random number generator on December 16th to pick a winner so you can put your pretty sock yarn under the tree if you want! I’ll even gift wrap it for ya!!




And please! Stop by Knitters Build a House and read all about the effort to help some families in Mississippi stay out of tents in February when their only homes.. FEMA trailers are taken away. Feel Free to grab that button and put a link on your blog!

(that’s an acutal house that was knitted there on the button! you can read about it here)

Who woulda thunk?

Well.. as you will recall during my interesting day the other day I swiped the wrong credit card for the groceries.. I just looked over my account summary and voila! The credit the grocery store did to reverse it came through first.. bumping up my account balance, then the debit was taken out. So I don’t have an overdraft charge… at least so far! So whaddya know! I have my money back!! ..still not enough to get free shipping from knitpicks.. oh well..

Oh there is a bit of knitting content.. here  I started this today!

September 060.jpg


I’ll hopefully have it done tommorow it will involve that overspun superbulky yarn I spun up the other day. I am using at a design feature! 

And hey I am coming up on comment #700! woo hoo.. perhaps I will round up a little giftie for my 800th commenter! So keep those comments coming!